1. What can I expect to get in each bimonthly Jini Beauty box?

Each box will contain 6 to 8 Korean beauty products in full and deluxe sample sizes, 2 sheet masks, and complimentary sample packets. You will get mostly skincare items for your skin type, along with a few beauty goodies that work for everyone.

2. What makes Jini Beauty different from other Korean or Asian beauty subscriptions?

At Jini Beauty, our goal is to provide subscribers with a more customized skincare experience. Since “one type doesn’t fit all”, we offer four different boxes that have been specifically curated for four different skin types – dry/mature, normal/combination, oily/acne, and sensitive/troubled. Skincare products go through a testing process to ensure accurate curation for each skin type. It’s what we like to call “curated convenience” – you get to avoid the hassle of figuring out which products are likely to work best for your skin. 

3. How does my subscription work after I’ve paid for a subscription plan and set up an account?

If you sign up for a subscription by or before the 14th day of the first month for a bimonthly box, your subscription will begin with that bimonthly box and automatically renew thereafter based on your chosen subscription plan. We typically have the boxes shipped out by around the 7th day of the second month. Subscriptions placed after the 14th day of the first month but prior to the 7th day of the second month may remain eligible to receive the bimonthly box for that period, subject to availability and until sold out for a particular skin type.

4. How does the automatic billing work for my subscription?

For the bimonthly subscription plan, your credit card on file will be automatically charged on the 14th day of every other month based on the following schedule, unless you skip or cancel before the charge date.

2016 Boxes
September/October will be charged on September 14, 2016
November/December will be charged on November 14, 2016

2017 Boxes
January/February will be charged on January 14, 2017
March/April will be charged on March 14, 2017
May/June will be charged on May 14, 2017
July/August will be charged on July 14, 2017
September/October will be charged on September 14, 2017
November/December will be charged on November 14, 2017

For the subscription plans of 3 or 6 bimonthly boxes, you are paying upfront for the price of your chosen plan, and you cannot skip a box or cancel during the plan period for a refund. After the plan period ends, your credit card on file will be automatically charged on the renewal date, which will be the next charge date based on the above schedule. So for example, if you received the March/April, May/June, and July/August boxes under the plan for 3 bimonthly boxes, your renewal date will be September 14.

Please note that you may change your plan at any time by logging into your account.

5. Will I be charged sales tax and/or any fees on my subscription?

We are required to collect a sales tax for all subscription orders with a delivery address in New Jersey and any other state where we may be legally obligated to collect a sales tax. There are no other fees.

6. How often can I skip a given box or renewal?

As often as you wish, we don’t impose any limit on the number of times! Please note that you must skip before the charge date of a given box or renewal for the skip to be effective.

7. How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply go to your account and click on the “Cancel Subscription” button, or feel free to email us at support@jinibeauty.com if you’re experiencing any difficulties.

8. What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your subscription at any time to avoid being automatically charged for a renewal; however, please note that a cancellation will only be effective as to the next renewal after your first box. So for example, if you're a new subscriber who signed up on October 16,  you will receive the November/December box regardless of whether you cancel before or after the charge date of November 14 (but prior to the next charge date), and not be charged for the January/February box and all subsequent boxes. If you have a prepay plan for 3 or 6 boxes, your cancellation will be effective after you receive the last box for your plan period and as to the next renewal only.

9. What is your refund policy?

We cannot issue any refunds once you have purchased a subscription or you have been automatically charged for a renewal, except as specified in FAQ #14 below regarding returns and exchanges. For 1T boxes and add-on purchases, we will honor refund requests only if they are made within 24 hours of placing your order. Discount codes cannot be applied retroactively for a partial refund.

10. When do you ship out the boxes each month?

We typically have the boxes shipped out by around the 7th day of the second month for a given bimonthly box. Once your Jini Beauty box is shipped, you will receive an automatic notification with the tracking number.

11. Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we are shipping internationally to Canada ($8 shipping fee per box) and the United Kingdom ($15 shipping fee per box) only, via United States Postal Service. Please note that you are responsible for paying any duties, customs, taxes, or handling fees that may be imposed by your local post office or government to complete delivery of your box. 

We hope to expand shipping to other countries in the near future!

12. Which box should I choose if I have more than one skin type?

You should go with your most pressing skin concern and choose your skin type accordingly. So for example, if you have dehydrated but oily skin, see what’s bothering you more at the moment. Remember that you’re free to change your skin type at any time! 

13. How do I change my skin type after I’ve already subscribed?

You can change your skin type at any time by logging into your account and editing your subscription. Once you make the change, your will be automatically be switched over to your new skin type for the next box.

If you prepaid for 3 or 6 boxes, please note that you will need to choose the same subscription plan that you signed up for initially when you are asked to choose a new subscription plan. You will not be re-billed, however, and your subscription will not be renewed for another period.

14. Can I return or exchange a box if I don’t like any of the products?

As a courtesy, we do allow a one-time return for subscription boxes only, as long as none of the products have been used, but you are responsible for the cost of return shipping. Depending on your subscription plan, you will either receive a refund for the bimonthly box or your subscription will be extended to include another bimonthly box. You may also opt to exchange your box for one of the other skin type boxes, depending on availability. Just email us at support@jinibeauty.com to let us know how you would like us to process your return. 

15. How do I give a subscription as a gift?

To purchase a subscription as a gift, please mark the box for “This is a gift” at checkout and enter the recipient’s shipping address. The subscription will be a one-time gift unless you check the box to make it an automatically renewing subscription (which is billed to the giver). If you provide a gift message, a card with your message will be included in the recipient’s first box!

At this time, a gift recipient is not able to set up her own account to control the subscription unless you create an account for the recipient with her email address at checkout.

16. How do I figure out a product's expiration date?

Korean beauty products don't contain any innovative ingredients to make them last longer. At least not yet!

A product (or the box for the product) will typically have one of the following markings with a date in the format of year/day/month (e.g. 20161208) :

제조 = Manufacturing Date

까지 = Expiration Date

사용기간 = Use By

You want to avoid using a product beyond the Expiration or Use By date.  DO NOT CONFUSE THE MANUFACTURING DATE FOR THE EXPIRATION DATE! If a product has a Manufacturing date or there's still time before the Expiration or Use By date, refer to the chart below for the average shelf life of your product.


17. Is there a limit on the number of times that I can purchase a 1T Box?

No. Although our 1T Box is called a "one-time" box, there is no limit on how many times you can repurchase the box. However, we do encourage you to become a regular Jini Beauty subscriber, as there is a cost savings to receiving boxes as a subscriber and we cannot guarantee non-duplication of products for multiple 1T Box orders.

18. Can I request that a specific product be included or excluded for my 1T Box?

No. Each 1T Box is one of a kind and contains a unique selection of products that have been curated for your skin type. Due to the time-intensive nature involved in creating each 1T Box, we cannot accommodate requests involving a specific product.