Introducing purpletale: 5 Steps to Lovely Skin

When curating Korean beauty, it’s always a special thrill to discover a new product that you can genuinely vouch for as worthy of sharing with your beloved customers. That’s how we feel about purpletale’s 5 Steps to Lovely Skin complete facial solution kit. Purpletale is a fresh on the scene, modern K-beauty brand that wants everyone to experience both inner and outer beauty through its skincare products. After testing the product on all skin types and assessing the results, we decided to include the 5 Steps kit in our June boxes for normal/combination and dry/mature skin. So if you aren’t a Jini Beauty subscriber yet, sign up ASAP to get the chance to try this amazing kit plus the other K-beauty goodies that will come in your box. For June only, we’re extending the usual deadline to June 3 to give new subscribers ample time to lock into our June boxes. Now read on for our preview, overview, and review of this new product!


As you can see, each kit contains (1) foam cleanser, (2) ampoule, (3) bio cellulous sheet mask, (4) facial cream, and (5) neck cream, to be used in that order. Although the mask is for one-time use, the other packets have enough product for two uses, so one kit should be good for your morning and nighttime skincare for one day. At each step, tear off the appropriate packet and follow the instructions on the front of the packet. It’s very simple and goof proof!

The products have a clean scent that’s pleasant but not overpowering. Some general comments about the products at each step:

(1) The foam cleanser does foam pretty well! It easily removes face makeup and doesn't leave any visible residue. Your skin might feel a little dry afterward…

(2) Until you apply the ampoule! It’s non-sticky at first but turns sticky upon drying, so don’t wait for the ampoule to completely dry before moving on to the sheet mask.

(3) Our favorite step was the bio cellulous sheet mask. It adheres fabulously to your face for maximum absorption of the essence. The mask comes in 2 halves with backing on 2 sides, like double sided tape.


TIP – Make sure to remove only one side of the backing first, then remove the other side after the mask is secure on your face. We made the mistake of taking off both sides at once, which bunched up the mask and made it difficult to peel apart due to the thin material (but the thinness is what makes the sheet mask feel like your second skin!).

(4) The night cream is a pasty, thicker consistency, as expected for a heavier type cream.

(5) The inclusion of a neck cream is kind of surprising because current K-beauty trends don’t really focus on this type of product. You can’t forget your neck though!


Overall, everyone with normal, combo, or dry skin reported positive results from the 5 Steps to Lovely Skin kit. For the Jini Beauty team, our own words used to describe our skin after trying out the kit are "more even-toned and softer," "immediately brighter and more glowing," and "supple and plump". It must be this magical RGII ingredient!! One of our testers further reported that the kit had visible whitening effects for her skin.

At $7.99 per kit, it’s kind of pricey to use on a daily basis, but we still recommend stocking up on these kits for traveling and the occasional indulgence at home. Purpletale also sells the 5 Steps to Lovely Skin as a box of 8 kits for $59.99, compared to $63.92 if you were to buy 8 kits separately.

If you follow some or all the steps in a typical Korean skincare routine, then you know how cumbersome it would be to pack every bottle, jar, and tube of product used in your routine. Why not travel with all your skincare in one convenient kit, packaged like a large sheet mask?   :) :) :)

***To celebrate our beauty discovery, we’ve teamed up with purpletale for this week’s exciting giveaway! See our post on Instagram @jinibeautybox to find out how to enter. 5 lucky winners will receive 3 kits!***