Our Love Story

Everyone falls in love with Korean beauty. It’s only a matter of time, at least in this day and age of modern beauty where Korean beauty innovations have proven to be unparalleled in literally changing the face of beauty.


Jini Beauty’s love story was a gradual affair that began in 2015. Thanks to Jenny at Geek in Heels, I started discovering K-Beauty products that became a normal part of my skincare and makeup routine.

Around the same time, I was soul searching for another passion. Since graduating from the University of Michigan Law School in 2008, I've been practicing law but finding that the law wasn't enough. With K-Beauty, I was able to feel inspired by something more than drafting legalese on a page, and I wanted to translate my love for Korean beauty into something more than my personal skincare routine. So I founded Jini Beauty and the first subscription box was launched in February 2016.

Since the beginning, our philosophy has been “one type doesn’t fit all." Part of our service is what we like to call “curated convenience”, where you can avoid the hassle of figuring out which products are likely to work best for your skin. Even though Jini Beauty is no longer a subscription service, this philosophy has continued to be applied to our Shop and our customized 1T boxes for four different skin types.

Everyone deserves the beauty of clear, glowing skin. No matter where you are in your K-Beauty journey, we hope that you’ll join us and let us help you discover timeless favorites along the way, to be loved by you and your skin.

 Sunny Choi, Founder & President

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